What Is This?

Are you a member of a Christian band with some great tunes in your repertoire begging for a larger audience?

How does opening for The Afters, Mandisa and Sanctus Real sound to you? Does performing on the Main Stage at ICHTHUS (Wilmore, KY) and jamming out at 14 major CFA festivals in 2012 solve the "larger audience" dilemma? We thought so!

We also have other prizes including an audio and video engineered grand prize provided by Sweetwater Sound, Inc!

The Overview


The bands are up and ready for your votes, everyone. They need a voice and you are it!

It's insanely easy to vote for your favorite band. Once you are on the voting page listen to each song and rate the band based on the supreme awesome-ness the song contains. Again, easy.

Simply click on the button below, rate each band, and you are one step closer to seeing your favorite band open for some stellar artists! Call your friends, family, and everyone else you know to make your band heard!


View the Agenda

Not sure when the contest begins? Or when the deadline is to submit your song? Or when you are performing on stage at the big event?!

Don't fret, fellow rockers and shedders. We've taken care of the hard part and created your itinerary. Keep it secret, keep it safe. Seriously, we're not your mom so stay on time.

Check out the agenda to get the full list of events and event details. You won't have to worry about missing a single date for Battle of the Bands.

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